Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mini Baby Planner

This is stuff in January that's Art Fag Recordings or Crocodiles related. San Diego & Los Angeles.

Saturday January 17 - Crocodiles @ Motion L.A. Art Gallery in Los Angeles

Don't know much about this 'cep for I'm going, Crocs are going and that's a good combo. Dunno if it's free either.

Sunday January 18 - Too Many Creeps / 'The Shield Around The K Screening' @ The Whistle Stop in San Diego

Not only is it our weekly post punk / indie / underground records party, but at 8:30 we're screening the K Records documentary! We love K and so should you. As usual 'djs' Mario Orduno, Brandon Welchez and Sir Charles. Always free so don't you ever EVER trip.

Tuesday January 27 - Magic Bullets @ The Soda Bar in San Diego

San Francisco's Magic Bullets return to San Diego! Indie pop magic. SD's Spirit Photography and Sunday Times play before along with 'djs' Mario Orduno and Jeff Graves. $5.

I think that's it. I'll add if I remember more. In the meantime enjoy this magic ass classic.

Beat Happening's Indian Summer

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