Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year Man

Hey man. How are you? It's been a while. I just didn't feel like it. The end of the year sucked right? I was jonesing for 2009 bad. And here it is. what better excuse for starting it up again than sitting here at 11:55 on a Friday night, right? So anyway. Ecstatic about this year for real. Art Fag Recordings is up to a LOT in the next three months. Soft Pack live lp, Ye Olde Maids lp, and the split 7" with PENS (London), Crocodiles (San Diego), Dum Dum Girls (Los Angeles) and best Fwends (Austin). All that shit's limited and vinyl only buster brown. Dum Dum Girls have a slew of records coming out including ones on labels Hozac, Captured Tracks and the aforementioned Art Fag release. Crocodiles are doing crazy shit too, with a new single on Down In The Ground which also features Cold Cave and Blessure Grave. They have two tours in Jan and Mar as well as an lp coming out on a yet to be announced label (stay tuned buster brown). More? Ok. Christmas Island is set to release their lp on In The Red. More? Wavves is soon releasing his lp on Fat Possum as well as a big ol' Euro tour and US tour in Feb and Mar. Magic. California magic. It's good to be back buster brown. xo

p.s. 2009 rules.

p.s.s. Barack Obama

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