Saturday, June 9, 2007

Amy Winehouse "Rehab remix" w/Jay-Z

Am I late on this? I don't give a fuck. This version is SO good. I was so over this song. In fact I never really liked it. I thought she was cheesy. I bought the 12" all thinking I was cool and when I saw it in my stack, I ALWAYS left it there....cuz I felt cheesy. I REALLY like "You Know I'm No Good", but I like the version on Ghostface's album which relegates Amy W. to chorus status. But anyway, this Rehab version is the shit. Maybe Jay-Z is back after a horrible album and a stupid, lazy verse on "Umbrella".


natalie said...

you still have to sit through the same horrible song just to hear jay-z. i don't know what you're hypin about?

Mario Orduno said...

Oops, I forgot to mention. Start it at 1:46 remaining and you're good to go. So, 1:46...then hype. And I DID say she was cheesy.