Friday, June 29, 2007

Silicon Teens = FUN

Mute Records founder Daniel Miller had a fun idea. He had already made a synth/post punk masterpiece as The Normal with "Warm Leatherette", and he wanted to do something less dark and more fun. So he "put together" a fictitious group of lads N gals called Silicon Teens. ST recorded and released "Music For Parties" in 1980. It contained covers of 50s and 60s hits and a couple of originals played with synth and drum machines. Cheesy, light synth pop. If you like early Depeche Mode, you'll love this. Covers included "Do Wah Diddy", "You Really Got Me" and "Memphis, Tennessee". "Music For Parties" is pretty silly but I think it's fun as fuck. The charade goes further, though. Even for interviews and photo shoots with "Daryl", "Jacki", "Paul" and "Diane", Miller hired actors to do them, and even made a video with this "band". Pre Gorillaz, but then again post-Archies. Here's the band photos and a cool video. Find the record. Oh, and lastly: 4 months after "Music For Parties", Daniel Miller discovered and signed REAL synth pop lads, Depeche Mode.

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