Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bullets fly at Tower Bar! Actually, paintballs...

I wasn't there, but singer-reporter Kelly Alvarez reported a shooting at last night's Squiddo/Atoms show at Tower Bar. Here's her report:

"I was at the tower bar last night and after the second band had played, I went outside to get some fresh air with about 10 other people. We were standing outside talking, minding our own business, when a black SUV with tinted windows drove by slowly, rolled down their windows, and shot several rounds of paintballs at us and then sped off. I know what you're thinking, no big deal. But it was really loud and the car was a few feet away from us - at first I thought it was a gun or bb gun, but a second later, a lady fell down to the ground and started screaming and crying because she got shot in the head. We didn't realize until a few seconds later that it was just a paint ball that hit her, but it looked like she was bleeding from the head and she was so scared and FUCK it was really scary. We all really thought she got shot in the head by a real gun. I've never heard anyone sound and look so frightened in all my life. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up... who knows if they were specifically targeting the tower bar crowd or going around doing this all over the area."

So there you have it. Keep your asses safe!

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