Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not Squeezing 65 dollars out of me

So I was sad to see that the Squeeze reunion show was 65 dollars. I just spent 55 dollars on that Morrissey bullshit and I'm not risking another. But I am pleased to read the Squeeze article in Mojo and watch the old videos. Squeeze were a perfect mix of post punk and traditional British pop. Some of the best British pop was written by two singers, songwriters with tension. Lennon/McCartney, Morrissey/Marr, Difford/Tilbrook. So read about them, watch them, buy the records (start with Cool For Cats), but definitely don't pay 65 dollars.

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Anonymous said...

At least you *got* a Morrissey concert. In Boston last night he lost his voice after a half-dozen songs and walked off stage. (He had mentioned that a taping in David Letterman's frigid studio the day before had messed up his voice.) He's canceled his shows for the rest of the week.