Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mika Miko, Muslims, Skull Kontrol review...

So, last night started out pretty poorly. Mario and I were driving to Beauty Bar, in the middle lane of El Cajon blvd., when his car broke down. We were only about a mile from the bar, but, to anyone who doesn't know the area, it's akin to breaking down somewhere in the volatile Al-Anbar province. Mario steered while I pushed the car to a side street. We got it sort of in a parking spot, but I wasn't strong enough to fully push it in. Luckily for us, two complete murderers were standing there. They helped us, which was really nice, but afterward one of them got this angry look on his face and asked where I was from. I told him, "Um, just down the street." I think I may have even called him Sir, cuz I'm a total coward.
We finally got to Beauty Bar, only an hour late. There were already a decent amount of people there, for only 10 o'clock. We played records for a while as people started to assemble for the Muslims. Around 11, they went on. As always, they were fantastic. They debuted a new song I believe, and played a perfect set. I still don't get where people get the Velvet Underground thing though. Muslims sound nothing like Velvet Underground. It's a cheap, easy comparison. To my ears, they sound like a mix between Television Personalities, Modern Lovers on speed, and the cooler un-metal aspects of Nirvana. I guess most of all, they sound like the Muslims.
Mika Miko went on next. They didn't get a proper sound check cuz they didn't get there in time. Something about "getting stuck at the Reebok factory" or something. To anybody sleeping on this band: pull your heads out of your asses. There isn't a more perfect punk band in California, or for that matter, the whole country. If another band can pull off simultaneously sounding like a Rough Trade band from 1979, AND sounding like a Dischord band from 1982 AND still sound so thoroughly modern and original, I'll eat my hat. They were perfect. Every time I see them, I feel like it was the best time I've ever seen them. I think it's just that they're so perfect, it's impossible to not get a renewed sense of excitement every time they play.
After Mika Miko, we played records blah blah blah.
Attendance wasn't astounding last night, but I guess there was a lot of competition. Still though, it baffles me that I can walk into that bar, or really any bar, on other nights and it sounds like a scene out of "Night at the Roxbury" and it'll be packed. What's the deal? Do people in San Diego really dig dancing to Haddaway mp3's that much?



Amanda said...

This night was incredible, espcially for the Beauty Bar.
The Muslims killed, as usual, with style and grace that is far beyond their collective years both in age and as a band. Go see them-more and more.

I could not have been more impressed with Mika Miko.(Also, FUCK that guy that told them to 'shut up and play' you hillbilly fuck. You don't know true, all-around talent when you see it. The stories were part of their show. I wished I could have seen your blood all over their Reeboks.)
Long parenthetical statements aside, these 5 fucking awesome girls (!) were attacking their songs with gusto I have not seen in a very long time. San Diego is my home, but fuck, you guys can not enjoy a show. Is the bleach and hairspray getting to your brain or are you really just that bored?

Skull Kontrol DJs refuse to let me and my crew down. My brain almost fell out my skull, O-Ren Ishii style, when I saw that Beauty Bar "DJ's" actually had D's. Smokey Robinson, Snoop, M.I.A.? You guys know what is means to keep a crowd going, small though we might have been. I was praising Jesus that the soul crushing indie fuck "unchs unchs unchs unchs" shit house was not on someone's powerbook yet again.
In other words: FUCK YES!

CDW said...

the muslims kind of remind me of the dogs

Rick Honeycutt said...

It's cool to see a new San Diego blog up and running (the other ones are REALLY LAME lately).

It seems as though you guys aren't doing any events in the near future, but when you guys get some shows lined up, put them up on the site and I'll try and get out to one.

Perpetually Twelve Internet Show said...

hey guys I gotta get you on my show!