Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend starts on Thursday, over on Monday...

This weekend was packed full of crap, and it's all over bless the lord. We played 3 show for our record release weekend: thursday as The Smiths, and then friday and saturday as the plain old Prayers at The Che Cafe, and The Beauty Bar respectively. Thanks to everyone who came and made all the nights a blast. And thanks to the Smiths fans who accepted our Smiths/Moz covers, your all very kind.

We also shot a music video for "Clandestino" at our empty apartment (that we are now moved out of) friday morning with our talented friend Felipe. He had a bunch of 16mm film lying around cause he's cool like that, and Matt from The Muslims had a day left of UCSD film school before he graduated and rented us all the necessary stuff (i.e. a camera, lights, cables etc.) for free cause he's cool like that. Thanks Matt. We shot it in the morning then went back to sleep. I think the video will be cool. It was the first time any of us had shot a music video and it's literally impossible to take yourself seriously (J.T. how do you do it?) We'll post the video when it's done. Fast forward to sunday morning and we're like "duuuude" cause everything is over and now we have to move out of our apartment that, as of tonight, mario, brandon, and myself no longer live in. so we did that, then monday we did it some more, and now at 12:53am my weekend it over.

Next weekend? The Muslims and Finally Punk at Tower Bar. Summer is good.

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