Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quote of the day/week/year.

So yesterday I lugged my records to the park festival thing. I was supposed to play records between bands and stuff. Cool, cool. Anyway, I had to get together with the sound guy/ equipment guy to get stuff set up and choose where I wanted to be. This guy was kinda burly and a little intimidating. Whatever. He uses his muscles for a living, no big. I just wanted you, the reader, to get a visual. Soooo. While unloading the turntables, he asked me what was HANDS DOWN the quote of the day/week/year.

"Hey man, you want these tables set up 'battle style'?"


Anonymous said...

it was better when he explained to me what "battles style" was/is - query; will the spooktacular have trickortreating? - cdw

Martin Orlando said...

Miss Sophz. Never thought of that. Candies for the lil' ones. Maybe...but with razors in 'em.

Morgan said...

What? You're not into a competitive DJ nature Big Mar?
See you on the battlefield, guuuuyyyy!