Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Worst djs EVER!! (But on purpose?)

There is no Skull Kontrol night tonight. Instead:

Our fine friend Dimitri aka Big D aka DJ Cockerspaniel of Booty Bassment and the Basstanic blog has come up with another one of his hair brained schemes. If you're in the greater San Diego area you might want to hit this up. It's TONIGHT and it's free. The lamest, worstest, dumbest, cheesiest, wackest, gayest, crappiest horseshit EVER played in a club!! Go on his Basstanic blog to request your favorite dumb song! You can find his blog in our Blogroll to the right. I think I'm going to request that one Venga Boys song. Remember? "Pum bum bum bum bum PUNUM, the Venga Boys are coming, New York and San Francisco!" Something like that. Oh! And at the beginning it goes, "We like to party, we like to party." Anyways. Go to this shit.

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