Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Skull Kontrol this Thursday!!

Skull Kontrol is this week. Another magical noisy party. Does anyone rrealize the magic? I couldn't imagine more fun. I really couldn't. It's my favorite of anything I've ever been involved in. A tiny room filled with sweaty fools surrounded by the best and loudest music. And sorry for "tooting my own horn" with the "best" music statement. But it's true. Sorry charlie.

Anyway, this week is going to be special fun. Back to school. Summer's over. Let's celebrate with the cutest lil' anarchy party around.

Skull Kontrol @ The Live Wire THIS THURSDAY SEPT. 20!!

Punk // Rap // Post Punk // Oldies // Girl Groups // Power Pop // Rock Steady // Ska // Soul // Brit Pop


Mario Orduno (Art Fag Recordings)

Charles Rowell (The Prayers, The Vultures)

FREE // 21 'n' UP // 10-2am

The first, third (and fifth) Thursday of the month.

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