Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is my shit right now: Studio One Rude Boy comp

I've waited a long time to write about this GOT damn record/set. Today, when I saw my pal Matty McLaughlin, and suggested it to him, I decided, "fuck it.". This 2xlp is SO good. Easily the best record I've bought this year. It consists of reggae, ska and rock steady from the Rude Boy era. The first two songs alone will knock your socks off. The fast rocking ska of Jackie Opel's "You're Too Bad", then the dubby rocker, "Murderer" by Johnny Osbourne...oh dear. Everytime I play songs from this collection at one of these lil' dj things, people freak out. This is the shit I like right now. Ummm, it comes with bad ass liner notes and all that shit. Available on cd also.

Here's the goddamn track listing:

1. Jackie Opel — You're Too Bad
2. Johnny Osbourne — Murderer
3. John Holt — Hooligan
4. Keith McCarthy — Everybody Rude Now
5. Owen Gray — Ballistic Affair
6. Roy Richards — Get Smart
7. Dillinger — Stop The War
8. Jim Brown — Love In The Dance
9. Desmond Baker And The Clarendonians — Rude Boy Gone A Jail
10. The Wailers — Good Good Rudie
11. Dennis Brown — Make It Easy On Yourself
12. Wailing Souls — Don't Fight It
13. Dub Specialist — Peace Theme
14. Mr Foundation — See Them A Come
15. Dudley Sibley — Run Boy Run
16. Dennis Brown — Johnny Too Bad
17. Bob Andy — Crime Don’t Pay
18. Soul Brothers — Mr Kiss A Bang Bang

Here's the website link. You can listen to every song on the comp!!

Soul Jazz Records

Oh and here's a lil' bonus video bullcrap to get you in the mood!!

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