Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Shows By The Bay / New Music Alert : Dum Dum Girls

I'm super excited about the string of shows this weekend in the bay area. Not just because Crocodiles and I tend to get blackout drunk on these trips, or that we'll make another visit to Rooky Ricardo's in Lower Haight. Not even because it's the birthplace of the 60s (inside joke). The reason I'm super excited is because I was able to coax the reclusive Dum Dum Girls to play these shows. Dum Dum Girls have been pulsing sweet addictive nuggets from my stereo for the weeks since I got this disc in the mail. It doesn't look to be ending anytime soon either. DDG is really just a gal from Los Angeles named Dee Dee. Don't know much about her except she's really polite, painfully shy, makes super good shoe gaze bomb cuts in her room and lives in the city of angels. As polite as she is, don't count on her answering any questions, she won't give up the 411. But, hey, if you're in the bay area this weekend, you can see her in person and share the magic. Listen to this song below and get all into it. There'll be a release soon so look out for it!! In uniform with her steez, there's not any info available on the release except that it's a cd. 7" Singles on Art Fag and HoZac in the coming year too. See ya in the bay Thursday and Friday.

Dum Dum Girls Myspace

Catholicked - dum dum girls

San Francisco


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tio rato said...

long ago, you had a post about soft focus on vbs.
yesterday i watched the calvin johnson interviews.
he's dropping some bombs of truth. . . thought you might enjoy.
also wondering about the state of art fag releases. . . muslims live, fantastic magic?