Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Yet Bummed

I live in California, so you need to know about CA to understand this blog-O-rama.

I'm so happy about Barack Obama winning. I can't describe it. I want yesterday to happen 10 days in a row and I want that speech to last 3 hours and i want to have been in Grant Park. ECSTATIC. (I also want to weep with Jesse Jackson and Oprah and Steadman.) And Joe Biden's granddaughter is the cutest little chubby cheeked bundle I've seen in ages.

Prop 4 makes me happy too. People get it, but so many don't. Can you imagine this deal was denied by just 52% or some shit? I hate religion.

Prop 2 cool. And 60 some thing percent. Well done. You'll have to pay a penny more for your disgusting eggs but at least you may feel better about it? God damn, eggs are nasty.

PROP EIGHT. What in the hell. This is so fucking sad. What happened? Was it the horrible and misleading commercials that ran the last week? Is California seriously homophobic? It has nothing to do with straight marriage! You are not threatened at ALL. I'm so sad because when California made it OK for gays to marry, i was in San Francisco and the city was electric. So happy and positive that government can do the right thing sometimes. Evidently unless the people don't want it too.

Lastly and least importantly, if you visit San Diego you won't be able to enjoy a can of suds on the beach or any park. Weird right?

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