Sunday, November 30, 2008

Events Round Up: Art Fag & Crocs Stuff

So nice to see you on the Lord's day. Happy sabbath to you and yours, and remember..He's a good god, a just god and heck, a giving god. And I'm bored. On with the round up!!

Thursday December 4 - blackblack and Crocodiles at Mountain Bar in Los Angeles. $?

Sunday December 21 - Too Many CHRISTMAS Creeps. Our Sunday night weirdo fest gets a yuletide screw in the butt. Count on xmas jingles mixed in to the usual punk, post punk and underground fare. We'll be wearing antlers and santa hats. DJs Mario Orduno, Sir Charles and Brandon Welchez. FREE @ The Whistle Stop in San Diego.

Saturday December 27 - Nite Jewel, Spirit Photography @ Soda Bar in San Diego. Also, djs Sir Charles and Mario Orduno. $5.

Monday December 29 - Finally Punk (Austin, TX), Crocodiles, Doctor Bird and Blessure Grave @ The Casbah in San Diego. Also djs Jeff Graves and Mario Orduno. $8 no presale get there early!!

NYE09 @ The Whistle Stop in San Diego. Dancing crap for 5 bucks. Count on the usual crappy and untalented mix you're grown to love from yr drunken dogs. No midnight toast, no photographers, and no tramps 'hosting'. Just us and masses of booze..

Is this it? Not really a round up per se. More like a blurb.

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