Monday, November 10, 2008

Jess Holzworth / Awesome Art / New Beck Video

Some years ago I had a night thing here in in San Diego called Contort. We played all kinds of loud, noisy, crazy crap and it was a lotta fun. When I needed a flier my friend Jess, who was an already accomplished artist but kept it on the down low, volunteered to make it for me. What came of it was an offensive, beautiful masterpiece. A collage of porn, wild animals, duct tape and glitter. If my scanner wasn't on the fritz, I would scan it in below. Maybe in the near future I'll take it over to FedexOffice/Kinko's/Kinko's Office Depot. In the meantime, check these similar "pieces" she's created not too long ago.

So, the reason I'm bringing this up, is because Jess has recently directed her first video for Beck, and it's seriously that flier, or the rest of her art come too life. Substitute the porno star with Jess' pal Chloe Sevigny. The song's kind of, "eh", but the video is TOP NOTCH. Alright Jess!!

"Gamma Ray" Directed by Jess Holzworth

Beck - Gamma Ray

The only way to see it hi quality is thru Myspace for some reason. Must be some exclusive shit. And like I said, I'll post her old fliers she made for me soon!!

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