Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mister Lonely Screening This Sunday @ Too Many Creeps / San Diego

This message is a San Diego message. So just scroll down readers in Seattle, Osaka, and the Heavily Fortified Green Zone, Iraq.

This Sunday Too Many Creeps presents a screening of Mister Lonely by Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo). We're really excited and have been waiting FOREVER for this. remember how long I wrote about this movie? Jesus, like April or some shit. And then it never even opened in my beloved city. But never fear sunny San Diegans, we got it for you TWO days before you can rent it. Screening begins at 8:30pm SHARP!! This is FREE!!

Immediately after the movie we're going back to the same weirdo music and cold suds you've grown to love at Too Many Creeps. MAXIMUM JOY ON SUNDAY NIGHTS.

So, as you should know, Too Many Creeps takes place EVERY Sunday at The Whistle Stop. C-YA there San Diego, California!!

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