Saturday, November 15, 2008

Negative Creep

Fuck this is so good. Boredom brought me here and I'm very thankful. I'd never seen this footage, and I think it has to be the best I've seen of this song. Negative Creep was the first Nirvana song I ever heard and it ranks in my top 10 maybe 5.

I was at a Nirvana in-store much like this one and it was amazing. I got a Smells Like Teen Spirit 12" signed by the band and 10 years later sold it for a thousand dollars. It still kinda makes me sad.


dronethumbnailmajor said...

thats some good shit

david b said...

san diego's "lilith velkor" have a few songs that sound like they're from the lost album recorded between bleach and nevermind.