Saturday, November 8, 2008

U.S. Tour Photo Diary

Phoenix, Arizona - This was the first night of the trip. Chuck got us in some trouble with the locals.

Wichita, Kansas - This is the biggest cat I've ever seen. HIs name is Frankie. He looked like one of those internet hoaxes, but in the flesh, right in front of my eyes. The kids we met and stayed with were rad. We had a blast staying up and partying but when it came time for bed, I realized I forgot a blanket. They had none to provide either. It was freezing cold and I was bummed, but Frankie came over and laid on my back. I'm not kidding. It was perfect, he was big enough to basically cover me like a blanket.

I can't remember what city this was. Somewhere in the midwest. We got to a motel super late after the show and this little guy came bounding over to us. He had no collar on and it was raining. I asked the clerk if he belonged to any of the tenants and the guy said no. He suggested we just leave the dog alone, but we were right next to a freeway, so we decided to have him spend the night with us. He was the friendliest dog and obviously someone's pet as he was clean and groomed and had a cowlick on his neck from where a collar usually was. We didn't know what the right thing to do was but we knew we didn't want him to go the pound and get killed. We considered taking him with us for the rest of the tour, but bars and basements with loud music are no place for dogs. In the end we found a no-kill shelter who picked him up in the morning. I hope he got reunited with his owners.

St. Louis, Missouri - This is the part of the trip where Chuck and I coordinated contorting our mouths in unison. Just kidding, but seriously, look how stupid both of our mouths look.
We stayed with an old, dear friend, Tony. He took most of these pictures. He also took us downtown to dance.

Kilmarnock, Virginia - Chuck's birthday. We stayed with his grandparents for two days and ate real meals and slept in real beds. It was amazing. The icing on the cake was that his grandparents bought him icing and a cake on his birthday.

New York, New York - We were here for 4 or 5 days and got to see lots of friends and family and stuff. One night, an impromptu game of street soccer took place. Our friend Freddy bought a soccer ball off some dude in Manhattan and 4 or 5 us had a moving game of soccer as we made our way down Houston Street. Every so often a group of strangers would join us for 10 minutes or so before getting to their destination.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Election night! We played an election watch party and got to see history unfold with a bunch of nice folks. After Obama's win was confirmed the mood was extremely jubilant. Anyone in a band who's reading this: Play Soundpony in Tulsa. The staff are super nice as are the locals. They took really good care of us and we made some great friends, such as Kelley, the gentleman with the beard. He had been in a bunch of Tulsa, Phoenix and New York punk bands in the late seventies and early eighties. Also, the cat at the end's name is Kitler. As in, "Adolf Kitler".


Nathan said...

Holy Shit! Sir Charles, I live in Kilmarnock! I wish I knew you guys would be in town. I may have been able to set you up with something.

p.s. Ever been to Sal's Pizza? Its great pizza next time your visiting.

Nathan said...

Holy Shit! I live in Kilmarnock! If you guys are ever in town again, you should come into Sal's Pizza and say hello, as well as get some great pizza.

Rosemary said...

check out for more Kitlers. Fun photo diary!