Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Last Wish / Faith/Void Split Reissues

Soooooooooooo, next week Dischord Records is going to reissue two of the best recordings they ever released. 1986's One Last Wish record and the long out of print Faith/Void split (1982). These have been on cd for a long time bit the vinyl has never exsisted for OLW and F/V went out of print god knows when. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic. In celebratory fashion I'm posting my favorite song by OLW, filmed at one of their 6 shows AND Void's Who Are You. Enjoy.

And in parting, there was this girl back in the day here in lovely San Diego that everybody wanted to marry. Not just hook up with, but MARRY. She had a VOID tattoo in her bottom lip.

One Last Wish "My Better Half"

Void "Who Are You"


Anonymous said...

Who are You is actually a Void song. I'm sure you know and its just a typo or something. Amazing split. stoked for the re-issue.


Anonymous said...

whaaat! picking that up for sure!

wouldn't have known if it weren't for this lovely post.

thank you.


Brandon said...

Mario, you silly goose, that's Void in that video!

Skull Kontrol said...

I guess I was being scatterbrained and stuff. I'll fix it. Sorry!! -M

Anonymous said...

What?! no love for the Faith side...Weak!


Melissa said...

I have Void on my butt. 'V' on one cheek. 'ID' on the other.

Anonymous said...

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