Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adbusters - The Dead End Of Civilization

“So… this is a hipster party?” I ask the girl sitting next to me. She’s wearing big dangling earrings, an American Apparel V-neck tee, non-prescription eyeglasses and an inappropriately warm wool coat.

“Yeah, just look around you, 99 percent of the people here are total hipsters!”

“Are you a hipster?”

“Fuck no,” she says, laughing back the last of her glass before she hops off to the dance floor.

Haha, so there is a wonderful article in the current issue of Adbusters. Charlie clued me in on it last week and I was just able to get my hands on it this evening. I smiled within the first couple paragraphs. It's an essay analyzing the culture of the "hipster", and details how in generations prior to the current one, there has always been a counterculture from which great artists, songs, literature and ideas were born. Until now. Today there are oodles v-necked, vacant bozos creating nothing, inspiring no one and wallowing in their club photo "celebrity". I know my city is crawling with these kinda guys and gals. Yours too right? Read the article online with the link below. You'll either feel good or feel guilty. Judging by the overwhelming comments below the article, most may get bummed. At Adbusters, and possibly at me. Whatever.

Hipster - The Dead End Of Civilization


Melissa said...


fallopian opiate said...

It's funny...I read this last week and instantly thought..."Skull Kontrol"....seriously.

Skull Kontrol said...

Well, fallopian opiate, I guess you'd be right on the money as far as attendees to our SK night. That's kinda the point tho. They're everywhere. If you are saying WE look like that, you've obviously never seen us in person. But you couldn't mean that anyway, cuz Skull Kontrol is a night and a blog...not a group of people.

Bryan said...

read this last week. so trooof.
brilliant read, tight work.