Friday, August 8, 2008

Ye Olde Maids Mini Baby Sample From Upcoming Art Fag Release

I'm pretty fucking jazzed about this upcoming split 12" I'm releasing on my label Art Fag Recordings. It's Fantastic Magic on one side and Ye Olde Maids on the other. Fantastic Magic is from America's Finest City and Ye Olde Maids is from The City Of Brotherly Love. I'm so god damned jazzed that I'm going to give you a mini sample. Below you will find the bomb ass track "Theme From A Car Commercial" by Ye Olde Maids. If you are not satisfied by this mini little baby sample you can head that ass over to the Art Fag Recordings Myspace and find two MORE songs from this soon to be released 12". See ya man.

04 Love Theme from Car Commercial(final1).aif -

Oh!! You know what? I'm also going to hit you with the new xerox logo for Art Fag. Cux I'm proud and shit. Andrew Miller of Planet People did this for me and I'm grateful. You can find the Art fag Recordings Myspace and the Planet People blog on the Blogroll to the right. See ya later man.



when is this record happening?

Mario Orduno said...

This record is almost available for PREORDER. It's ben changed and will no longer be a split but a full length lp by Ye Olde Maids. Some more tracks are being added, hence the delay. More news coming soon!! Any day now.