Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam McPheeters' The Loom Of Ruin Blog

'Punched' By Sam McPheeters

Sam McPheeters blog, The Loom Of Ruin, is now in the blog roll.It should now become a treasured part of your online void. This man has been around doing great things for a great while, and California should be proud. He's responsible for remarkable works whether it be hardcore (Born Against, Wrangler Brutes), readings, writing or graphic art. Well now you must read his blog and enjoy it like I do. It may not be a daily thing which would really make my life happy, but its worth the wait for every entry.

Here's a a particular blog that made me laugh. You like particular blogs that make you laugh? Ok then here.

Show Poster By Sam McPheeters

And then: ever heard these hit singles? The famous Shit Search and Resist Control singles? Well whatever just play 'em.

Shit Search - Wrangler Brutes

Resist Control - Born Against

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catdirt said...

Born Against is Fucking Dead!