Monday, August 4, 2008

Crocodiles Release "Neon Jesus" Video

So here it is ladies and germs. The sound of Crocodiles. In video form. If you've followed Crocs for the last few months of their short existence, you may have noticed they have yet to post music on their Myspace account. It is little known that they've actually been recording pretty diligently. They've resisted releasing any so that they could present their music in a more original format. San Diego's Christin Turner directed this thing. It's good and think you'll like it. If you do, their 7" is available for ordering on their Myspace thing.

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Bryan said...

you dogs and cats stay so on point. got this 7" today. sweet jams bumped loudly. great video. I was bumming, no more vultures but i'm into the crocs as well. plus ghostramp posted a taste of the FM/YOM split. lots of heart for you all. dig. SD seems rad.