Friday, August 22, 2008

A Good Day

Today was a damn good day. I woke up in my big ol' bed all alone and comfortable. I got up, sipped on a hot cup and read the local fish wrap. Then this monkey of a gal hollered and we agreed on mexican food and the beach. Not a bad combo. So we strolled to this place in San Diego called Pokez Mexican Restaurant. It's pretty good. After being stuffed to max cap (that means maximum capacity), we went to Ocean Beach. In San Diego we use initials for everything so let's call it O.B.. We went to O.B. and I fell asleep on the god damned sand. Now I'm home fuilly relaxed and sporting a gorgeous golden brown coat. I really love my city and I think you should visit and see what I mean.

On the way home this little cotton pickin' jam was on the radio. Just for extra added bonus.

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Anonymous said...

The Monkees = more crucial than sunrise.