Friday, August 8, 2008


It was hot today in San Diego. I mean I thought it was hot so don't go arguing about how I don't KNOW what hot is. I hate when people that do that shit. Anyways, I was hot. And I was also super duper lazy. So I marched my big ol' butt down to Kwik Stops (mexicans pluralize everything) in order to get me a cool drink. Fuck ME man, I had no idea they still had those little Kool-Aid packets. 30 cents!! So I grabbed me some. Like ten. You would be sick if you saw how much sugar you have to add. Seriously gross, but so fucking good. When I was a tot my moms ordered that pitcher for me. You know the one? It's shaped like that Kool-Aid dude. I was kinda bummed cuz it was a frosty lookin' plastic version, not the nice glass one in the commercials.

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