Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More On These Past Lives Shows...

So, as Mario mentioned, Past Lives will be playing our night, Too Many Creeps, this Sunday at Whistlestop. It's free, and no one works the next day cuz it's Uncle Sam's way of saying "Thanks" for all of our collective hard work. Like, I get bit and defecated on and punched out at my work sometimes, I deserve a G.D. thank-you. This event is 21 and up and is going to be completely bananas. Del Monte was even thinking about throwing a few bones our way to sponser this shit. If your under 21, have no fear; Past Lives will be playing the next day at the Che Cafe for a mere $7. Isn't that basically one day's lunch money these days? It'll be with Crocodiles again, plus Sex Jerks and the Muslims as an extra added bonus. Both of these events are going to be nuts.
Crocodiles played with Past Lives in Seattle, so I can personally vouch for them. They're ex members of Blood Brothers and in my humble opinion, I think they've topped all their previous projects. They were amazing live when I saw them and their songs are fun and catchy yet still interesting. You'll be stoked. Don't be a bozo and miss these, cuz they may not be back for a while.

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