Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bluesbusters Saved Me From Boredom

I've been bored with music it seems this week. I've not listened to much at all since the weekend. So I decided to organize some records and file some that I've bought and never put away. Sometimes I forget what I've gotten and it reminds me of something new. And yes, it's pretty sickening...they go in genres, and in alphabetical order. Anyway, so I found this stack that I totally forgot I bought a bit ago and it was jam packed with records I was ecstatic to hear. The first one, was Dance The Ska Vol 4 which is a collection of the Jamaican vocal group The Bluesbusters, partnered with bandleader and band, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires. It's like Sam & Dave over a fast ska rhythm. So good. This era of ska sounds so fresh to me and these recordings, I believe, were from somewhere between 1959 and 1964. Anyway, I'm not bored anymore and I'm about to listen to another gem, Prince Buster featuring The Maytals.

Behold - The Blues Busters

There are two other songs you can listen to on this fake The Bluesbusters "Myspace Account".

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