Friday, August 1, 2008

Greatest Punk Lp Art / Gray Matter's Food For Thought

Last night that fool Nate was over at my house and we was sitting in the ol' patio drinking and carrying on. Amongst other things, we were chatting about the upcoming Fantastic Magic / Ye Olde Maids split 12" lp and what we're going to do for art. We were running through our favorite sleeves from years gone by when I thought of this humdinger. I went in and dragged it out of the ol' archives and we just tripped. Tripped on how perfect it is. It has to be in my top ten record sleeves of all time. And the lp inside? Oh dear. Here's a lil' taste of the perfect sound of Gray Matter's Food For Thought Lp (Dischord, 1984).

phobias - Gray Matter

p.s. If anyone can do this kind of sleeve art. Pencil or ink that is. Please holler at I have work for you.

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Bryan said...

holler at Mark Mccoy.