Monday, April 21, 2008

The Aluminum Fowl

I don't know how I missed this short from 2006. James Clauer, who worked on Gummo, directed this 13 minute movie, and it's produced by Harmony Korine's O'Salvation production company. It's a documentary of four brothers in the South and the way they keep themselves busy in a state of poverty. Starting fires, fighting chickens, aliens and rap music. I warn you, though, the brutal animal cruelty is realistic and sickening. It's repulsive and unecessary. The dialogue on the other hand is brilliant. Remember these aren't actors.

The Aluminum Fowl by James Clauer


catdirt said...

that's pretty good- reminds me of gummo strongly. when i was in southern ohio i drove to xenia- where gummo was shot, and hung around for a bit. it wasn't all that.

Anonymous said...

Gummo wasn't shot in Xenia, just set there. It was filmed in the south.