Friday, April 4, 2008

Art Fag Recordings Update

Hey man, how do you do? You want to know what I got goin' on? Ok.

Been kinda quiet at ye olde Art Fag HQ. Ah, don't trip. Things are warming up. There are a few new projects coming up. The Muslims double A side 7" is coming out VERY soon. Like maybe a month or two. I mean, I'll have it in a month. But you'll have it in two. Get it? Anyway, it's a double A side cuz there's not a B side turkey on there. Both songs , Brightside and Night Life are destined to sell a cool hundred or so. We aim big. Believe me, they're jams. Also on the horizon is a cassette by the Sess containing their entire lp (released on Single Screen) and a bonus cut. Cut or track? I like cut. All the genius of The Sess packed into a cute lil' tape. Go get your Walkman!! Those are the two I'm preparing now, but look forward to a split 12" by Fantastic Magic from San Diego and Ye Olde Maids (Wes Eisold) from Philadelphia. Perfectly weird. Probably summertime. Also and last on the list is a surprise new band to rise this summer. Very special. Start wondering. I'll chronicle it and get it to the people. Cuz it's what I do.

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