Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Is A Dumb Ass Post

Just to show I'm a versatile ass cat, let's talk a lil' Bobby Vinton. The trailer for the new Harmony Korine movie, "Mr Lonely", reminded me of how good the Bobby Vinton song Mr. Lonely is. It's all sad and depressing. The guy just wants a boo and he's off in some foreign land fighting evil doers and freedom haters. He actually sounds on the verge of tears. The song is fucking good is what I'm tying to say here, folks. And then a couple years ago our dear dear friend Akon went ahead and did a version. Remember? He did that Kanye West technique of speeding up the chorus and using it as the main sample. Fuckin' Akon. But still, the melody is so good that I guess I kind of like it. I mean I ain't buying it, but I'm not turning the station either. I'll post both below so you can enjoy....or not. I might be alone on this one.

Bobby's original tearful one.

Akon's semi busted one (which is a guilty pleasure of yours truly).

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!! That song is DUMB actually. Fuckin' Akon.

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