Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe My Favorite Soul Song

I love The Marvelettes. I think they might be my favorite Motown girl group. The Supremes maybe got better songs, but The Marvelettes vocals were better. It's soul music exactly like I like it. Filled with energy and upbeat.

My favorite song is "All The love I've Got". The B side to their second single "Playboy". I think 1962 but whatever if I'm wrong. I just bought this 45 on ebay and I'm thrrrrrilled. I watched it for so long and I had to just bite the bullet eventually. Only listening to it on iTunes got old and very uncool. I hope to god and allah that it come before our big Skull Kontrol anniversary party on Thursday.

See if you agree. Listen to how perfect her scratchy voice is and how PERFECT the organ is when it comes in.

The Marvelettes "All the love I've Got"

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