Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Muslims Plan Live Record

If you were thinking of being in San Diego on May 12 you are in for a special lil' treat. There is a show I booked at The Casbah that I'm quite excited about. The Carrots from Austin are coming. They'll be playing with The Muslims and Fantastic Magic. There's enough excitement with that alone, right? Not so fast kemo sabe, there's more. The young and talented Muslims will be recording their set for a live album to be released on Art Fag. Live. Like James Brown's Live At The Apollo. Or The Smiths' Rank. Get it? Cuz it's gonna be good. There will not be presale for this show so plan on getting there early and be part of the magic.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! I'm coming to SD for a week -- and I made sure to schedule it to catch this show so as to finally see the Muslims -- good to know they gots good reason to come w/ major game said eve ...

The Carrots intrigue as well -- been on my own Shangri-Las jag of late, rrrrreally looking forward to seeing Mary Weiss on my birthday outside in NYC this July, a free show!