Saturday, April 12, 2008

Black Hebrew Isrealites

Once, when I was 7 or 8, I was visiting my aunt in New York. We were walking around the city, hitting up all the tourist spots, and when we were in Times Square we encountered 3 or 4 African-American gentlemen dressed up like Morgan Freemen in that Robin Hood movie from the '90's that starred Kevin Costner. These guys were hooting and hollering and waving around sabers. This was all pretty scary for a little kid! My aunt ( brown-skinned, from my Central-American dad's side ) thought it was pretty funny though, and we stopped to watch their tirade. What my little mind gathered, in a nutshell, was that they hate all white people. They even pointed at me and told me I was the devil! Jiminy Christmas! They kept calling my aunt "sister" and asking her all these questions about her background. When she told them she had Spanish European blood in her though, they quickly dropped all friendliness and called her the devil too.
Now bear in mind, I had already encountered plenty of zealots in my life and my ideas on religion (basically, it's for kooks) were already starting to harden; but these guys were a whole new stripe to me.
Anyways, I stumbled upon this video today and wished I had handled these cats with as much sarcasm as the gentleman behind the camera.

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