Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Support Local Music

When I was a wee teen, there were these bumper stickers around town that said "SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC". I thought it was a dumb sentiment then, and I do believe I feel that way now. To me, it seems that a "local" band remains local because the world doesn't care, the band is lazy, and the band just plain ol' sucks. I've seen extremely good bands in my city, some even legendary, but the ratio of good and bad is horribly skewed torward the crappy ones. I don't support shit, for one, but I most definitely do NOT support local music. I follow, listen to and enjoy GOOD music. I really wonder why anyone would feel that way about "support". Does anyone ever really listen to local music? Or how about these showcases I'm sure thay have in every city. I guarantee you that 90% of the bands on a bill like that suck. I think it's an angle. Somewhere there's a goofball that responds to that kind of marketing I guess. He/she probably sucks too. The reason I thought of this is that I spotted one of those stickers last night. What a dumb slogan.

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hiphopapotomus said...

On that note...DON'T GO TO THIS YEAR'S "X-FEST"! Total shit.