Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting Things Done, Or At least Trying

Man, getting this tape thing done has proven more difficult then I expected. I've been making calls and writing emails all day and have not gotten much accomplished. This one turkey was going to charge me 300 bucks for 100 tapes...I was all. That means sell them for almost ten after distribution costs? These guys. Having to explain that Art Fag is the name of the record label isn't always a enjoyable experience either. This guy today on the phone was like, "Oh Art Shag, ok, S-H-A-G, cool.". And I said, "No, FAG, as in a cigarette in England?...a gay guy, maybe?, if you were being mean?". And he said, " Uh, yeah, ok. I'll just jot down Mario here and give you a call back.".

I think the best route would be to maybe buy a device that duplicates the things. That way I won't need to talk to nobody.

On a final note here, I listened to The Sess' "bonus track" for the cassette release. Oh man. It's serious magic.

1 comment:

m said...

art FAG
fashion WHORE

i have the same problem.

a store in la jolla refused to do a fashion show, they didn't want to be associated with the word WHORE.
they certainly sold 80's whore clothing, not sure what their problem was.

and certain publications like the reader refused to publish the listing for months. hahahaha