Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Can you imagine being part of a scientific team in the 1940's and discovering time travel? Being the virtuous and bold person you are, you volunteer to take the maiden voyage to the 21st century! The plan is to go to the future, figure out what the biggest problems plaguing mankind are, and then go back to the '40's and work out fixing said problems before they start. Think of it; you, YOU, may be the one to prevent WWIII from ever happening. Perhaps you'll eradicate a pandemic before it starts? You set your dials for the next century and find yourself hurtling through time and space. Your machine stops with a shudder, and you get out, stepping into a world much different than your own. You make your way to a hotel, check into a room, turn on the TV and this is what you see:

Would you maybe just decide "fuck it" and go back to the 1940's?

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