Sunday, June 22, 2008

San Diego, California

Dude check out the fresh flier below. Do you like The Fall? I REALLY like The Fall. So the other day, I was all, "Hey Chaz why not take the awesome artwork from The Fall's 1985 masterpiece, Our Nation's Saving Grace and use that as inspiration for a flier? Like how 'bout that badass Tower show we're doing?" And he was all, "Ok.".


stampone said...

Seriously awesomely MAJOR-ly cool flyer.
Best album of 1985, IMHO -- sundry contenders, surely, but all in all in all, wot's better?
Fug -- how to even pick a fave track?
Story to tell about covering one once w/ F*S -- some other time ...

BTW, pass on to Chazzy-lad to boot up the no-hard-feelings mode if Real Madrid really can poach Cristiano Ronaldo from the red-hued Mancunian Euro-Champs 2008: "All's Fair ..." and so on.


Anonymous said...

the times new roman + white drop shadow=laziest tribute ever.

Mario Orduno said...

Poor Chaz. He tries his best Lord bless him. Mr Anonymous, why don't you send me us some of your work at maybe we can get rid of this lazy bum and use your stuff instead.