Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fantastic Magic Is Releasing A 7" And Having A Party

Hey man what's up?!?!? I'll tell you what's up doc. The most wonderful trio, Fantastic Magic is releasing their first lil' piece of vinyl this week. A good lookin' 7" on the Philadelphia label, What Delicate Recordings. Get excited fools. All 100 of their cassette "Witch Choir" along with the 400 cdrs were gobbled up in a jiffy! (Although you can get more cdrs via Abandon Ship since by popular demand they made more. Perfect freak folk lovliness.

If you live in San Diego or want to make the trip over here, we are having a big ol' celebration at our club, Skull Kontrol. We are having Nathan of F.M. doing a dj set fron 9-10:30 and also offering a few free singles. You'll also be able to buy the dang things for a few shekels. From 10:30 Brandon and myself will be up to the same tired antics and noisy records. It's FREE. Visit the links at the bottom of this post for more info on Fantastic Magic and What Delicate Recordings. K?

Fantastic Magic Myspace

What Delicate Recordings


Anonymous said...

are they serious? fantastic magic is the worst music i have ever heard! I saw them play once by accident in ob and i thought i died and went to hell. its not even music. its just a bunch of weird looking guys acting like they are being unique or something. 100 thumbs down!

Anonymous said...

interesting...i don't think they've ever played in ob.