Thursday, June 26, 2008


Soooo, today I got Fang's first lp. Released in 1982 on Boner Records. Pretty happy about the whole situation. California hardcore doesn't get much better than this. Sam McBride was the master lyricist, with such poetic gems as, Destroy The Handicapped, or how he gets to fuck Brooke Shields on The Money Will Roll Right In. Charmer, this guy. But seriously this album is a 10 / 10, 5 stars and the oft used, PERFECT. Too bad Tom Flynn (guitar) quit shortly after and good ol' Sam McBride killed his boo and got a prison sentence. He's out now, only served 6 years. He changed his name to Sammytown upon his release. Er, nice choice....Sammytown. Check the songs below and then check the dang vid even more below.

The Money Will Roll Right In - Fang

Destroy The Handicapped - Fang

Here's a documentary on the youtubes about Sam "Sammytown" McBride. It's part 1, the links to the other 3 parts are in the info section of this video. If you gots 20 minutes, it's kinda worth the time to peep out this maniac.

Welcome To Sammytown Documentary

p.s. Can I mention that the gal who opens this doc is a moron?


Anonymous said...

top notch post. must cop vinyl.

Melissa said...

The money will roll right in - that's such a hot PIECE.

Melissa said...