Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slant 6 / Quix*O*Tic / Casual Dots / Christina Billotte

Slant 6 - (l-r) Marge Marshall, Christina Billotte, Myra Power

I'm sure if you're a regular reader of this thing that you know that I'm a big fan of female fronted punk and post punk. From the roots that go back to the late 70s England through the early 90s explosion of Northwest / D.C. bands to the current breed of New Bloods, Mika Miko, Finally Punk and Yellow Fever. One of the best vocalist, guitarists and songwriters of this genre is Christina Bilotte. I have LOVED all of her bands. Slant 6 from the early 90s Dischord scene, and the later Quix*O*Tic and Casual Dots which were released on Kill Rock Stars. All three were top notch. Slant 6 being far more punk, had a lot of frenzied energy with melodies reminiscent of Wire. They released one of my favorite Dischord punk singles of the era, 1993s "What Kind Of Monster Are You" 7". The later bands, Quix*O*Tic and Casual Dots, were mellower but still had a punk spirit about them They were more on par, though, with the post punk sounds of The Raincoats. Very melodic weird and unique. There were no other bands like these in their given scenes. Unfortunately, like all the good stuff, they all broke up. Ah well...

Casual Dots - Clocks

Clocks - The Casual Dots

Quix*O*Tic - Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cream Sundae - Quix*O*Tic

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Melissa said...

Nice write up - especially the ending. Has a nice cozy feel to it.

crapdude said...

oh shit. high school days.

what's next - Raoul? Skinned Teen? Chicken Milk?