Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is Kind Of A Late Blog Post Thing.

AND it's local San Diego related, so all you devoted readers in Singapore i apologize in advance. And big ups to all my Kenyan peeps too, love ya. Anyway, tonight in my beloved San Diego, the fantastic New Bloods from PDX are playing. As stated on earlier blogs they are one of the best around and they are on influential and legendary label, Kill Rock Stars. Safe to say they seem to have been born to be on KRS. Also playing tonight are Crocodiles. Get ready for another melt down with these bonafide weirdos. The excitement is building. Rounding out the ol' shindig is Portland's Hornet Leg (K Records) and SD's Vaginals. So don't sleep on this Lord's Day/ Father's Day hoopla. Oh!! Also, the people responsible for this here blog will be playing records all nite looong.

All this shit takes place at the Casbah. See ya there holmes.

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