Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls At Our Best

Girls At Our Best.

Years: 1979-ish - 1982

Personnel: Judy Evans, vocals / Carl Harper, drums / Gerard Swift, bass / james Alan , guitar

Hometown: Leeds

4 singles, one LP and a god damned Peel Session. Such a frickin' shame they were short lived but then I guess maybe it's a blessing there's anything at all. I got a song on a rare Rough Trade comp I bought a few months ago. When I heard their song "Politics", which was the first track, I almost dropped. Not really. What I really did was make a dumb ass grin. Like a grin signifying that I got away with something. The grin of receiving yet not deserving. I guess I get kinda weird about music, but they are THAT special. I immediately went into research mode, which I had hoped would then lead to purchase mode. Fuck. No such luck. This fantastic crap is so rare! No iTunes, no Cd's and no vinyl. Not even a lil' Youtube or some shit. The LP I saw on Gemm for 78 smackers. There was a reissue CD from 1994...from Japan...50 bucks on Amazon. But back to GAOB. This Judy Evans gal was so cool. Her voice was shrill but still, the melodies were top notch. And the dudes, the songwriters...pop gems. So check the shit out that I got laid out for you. There are a couple o more jams on their fake Myspace profile including the super "Politics" single I was gushing over a few words back. Enjoy, holmes.

Getting Nowhere Fast - Girls at our Best!

heaven - girls at our best

Girls At Our Best Myspace

One last thing. There is some chitter chat of a possible complete collection on the fantastic reissue label Cherry Red. SO if you like this, cross yo fingers.


Melissa said...

Crap, Mario. I'm at work searching for something to listen to - this is pretty much perfecttttttt.

Melissa said...

Holy fucking shit. Politics ....?!!!! So good.