Monday, June 9, 2008

June Shit In San Diego

'ello 'ello 'ello. Here' s a little update on goings on concerning us here at the SK blog. All of the info is concerning San Diego crap. In August there will be a west coast tour involving Crocodiles and myself. Details soon.

Thursday June 12 - Vice Films and Art fag Recordings present Heavy Metal In Baghdad @ The Whistle Stop. This documentary was filmed in Iraq during the current war and chronicles the hardships of an Iraqi heavy metal band. I saw this already and it is a must see...promise. This event is free. And after the movie (9:00pm) count on either hanging out, passing out or dancing to djs Sir Charles, Brandon Welchez and Mario Orduno

Sunday June 15 - New Bloods (Kill Rock Stars, PDX) make their debut in San Diego. I'm very excited about this. NBs released one of my favorite lps this year. Also on the bill are Crocodiles (ex Plot, Prayers), Hornet Leg (K Records, PDX) and The Vaginals. $8. yes, yes, all the same fools will be djing between and after bands.

Thursday June 19 - Skull Kontrol @ Live Wire. Cleaning Ears Since 2006. Our favorite night we do, btw.

Thursday June 26 - Kill me Tomorrow, Christmas Island and Crocodiles @ The Tower Bar. Not much needs to be said about this night 'cep for it's going to be bananas. $5.

There's your June shit.

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catdirt said...

hopefully the vaginals will show up on time.