Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So there's this new show on MTV apparently. It's hosted by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. (Too easy, let's not even go there.) So this show is supposed to be featuring all the "hot" new shit. It airs Fridays at 8 and this week our dear friends NO AGE will be on debuting their new video for "Eraser". Super cool/weird. Along with NO AGE premiering the vid and shooting the shit with Mr. Ashlee Simpson, that good lookin' gal Rhianna is going to be performing or some shit. And guess who else?? Maroon 5 is in the house. Welcome to bizarro world folks. For extra added bonus T.I. will be chit chatting too. Isn't he supposed to be in prison on weapons charges? Hey, does anyone remember the song, "Rubberband Man"? Man T.I. used to be tight. But I digress. Read more about this show belowwww.

Read About F'NMTV W/ NO AGE

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